Magic City Art Connection

In the past few weeks, I’ve received a number of calls from musicians concerning the status of music at this year’s Magic City Art Connection.  

Perfect Events Music been the primary provider of entertainment for the annual art show for ten+ years.  It’s an impressive show.  Held annually in downtown Birmingham’s Linn Park, it’s one of the largest and most successful in the Southeast.  The festival’s director, Eileen Kunzman deserves credit for this.  She started it all as a back-yard festival at her home. 

During my associations with the festival I’ve had the great pleasure of arranging performances by the musical greats of our area:  bluesman Willie King, guitarist Eric Essix, Hunter Bell’s Khasma, Just A Few Cats (I want you at my party), chanteuse Marian McKay, The Martini Shakers (hot rock-a-billy!), The Connection Band, AfterClass, Chankayrie, the Herb Trotman Band, Blue Galaxy String Quartet, SO MANY OTHERS!   

But musically speaking this year is different…budgetary  issues…the economy, “etc…”.     It’s possible that the MCAC ‘s music will be back on more solid ground next year, but who knows!  So for now, I’m concentrating on business at hand.  And despite the economy, “etc…” there’s a lot of it. 

If you’re one of my MCAC musicians, thanks for all you’ve given the Magic City Art Connection (and me).  Let me hear from you.  I so very much appreciate all you’ve contributed.

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