Donna and Mike’s Wedding

Photography by Meredith Rowlan

Photography by Meredith Rowlan

During the past few months Perfect Events Music had the great pleasure of working with the one of the most delightful and beautiful brides to be!  Donna’s wedding reception was held March 21st in the Ridgely Ball Room at the historic Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham.  The band she chose was our very own Deja Blue Band.


Donna gave us a most positive review:   “Deja Blue was excellent!  There are no words to describe how much fun we had.  Tina, the vocalist, was a doll and could sing like you cannot imagine.  It was wonderful to see (the band) read the crowd and conduct their music accordingly instead of just staying with a ‘playlist.’  We have been told by so many that it was the best party they have ever attended!”

As so often is the case with brides, Donna didn’t have much opportunity to eat, but by all reports the food (provided by The Tutwiler’s Icon restaurant) was excellent. 503623949_nwtez-ti

We’ve had the opportunity to provide music for many events at the Tutwiler, including wedding ceremonies, receptions, and more.  In doing so, we naturally have a lot of interaction with their primary “point person,” Patricia Conrad.  In the role of do-it-all events manager, Patricia does an excellent job of planning, overseeing catering, set-up, and coordinating.  We’re lucky to count her as a colleague!   503054029_rnn7l-ti

For the new couple Donna & Mike: Best wishes for a long and happy life together!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Photographer Meredith Rowlan has so generously shared with us her images of Donna and Mike’s wedding. She also had wonderful words about the Deja Blue Band: “I wanted to tell you how much I personally enjoyed the band. They were amazing!! Especally the female singer (Teena) she was fabulous and soo much fun! Everyone was talking about how great the whole experience was.” Thank-you so very much Meredith!