Crawfish Boil at Greystone

Greystone Golf and Country Club hosted their annual Crawfish Boil this past Saturday night with entertainment provided by Perfect Events Music and our Chankayrie band.

Guests were greeted at the door by Greystone’s Joshua Harvey who directed them to the sumptuous tables of red beans & rice, jambalaya, peel & eat shrimp and of course…boiled crawfish!  All expertly prepared by Greystone’s Chef Mooney.

Chankayrie is one the region’s top Cajun bands.  Several years ago they were known by the name La Nuit Blanche, after slight personnel changes the group took on the name Chankayrie.  (News is, that an easier to pronounce name may be forthcoming!)  The five-member band plays traditional French Cajun music with a little bit of swamp-pop thrown in for fun.

Some 100 guests attended and had a great time.  Apparently even Flat Stanley did a bit of dancing and sat in with the band!  According to Joshua, the event was “Fantastic!”

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    Hey Lisa, looks like you are up and running! Nice looking website too! Congrats!

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    Thanks KD!