Flashback and The Vanities

“One of the Best Parties…Fabulous…Exactly what we wanted!”  These were the words describing The Vanities’  dinner dance this past Saturday night featuring the band Flashback

Hosted by Mountain Brook Club, the evening touched on  slow dances and lively music from the ’50’s,  ’60’s and ’70’s.  According to Alice S., “more people danced than ever!”   

A little bit about Flashback:  although the band is “recently formed” it’s actually an smaller (4-piece) incarnation of the popular band Streetkar.  Lead vocals by Mark Custer are expertly backed up by the Streetkar rhythm section and instrumentalists.  Perfect Events Music has been working with these musicians since our inception in 1988.  We’re delighted to have such loyal and long-term relationships with our crew.

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